There are a variety of camping options in the West End. They range from commercial to informal. Camping on Federal and State Land outside of developed camping sites is usually not restricted, although the duration and style of camping at a particular site may be limited by the managing agency. Camping on private land is at the discretion of the landowner. Some sites of which WETA are aware is listed here. This list is not complete, nor does WETA endorse the use of the campsites. Camping has dangers, so please camp at your own risk.

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Nucla Naturita Chamber of Commerce

Norwood Chamber of Commerce

West End Economic Development Corporation

US Bank, 1640 Grand, Norwood

Citizen’s State Bank – Montrose County Branch, 115 Hwy 97, Naturita, 970.865.2255


Basin Clinic, Naturita, CO

Uncompaghre Medical Clinic

Center for Mental Health

The Apothecary Shoppe, 480 Main, Nucla, 970.864.2100

San Miguel Vet Clinic, 40775 Hwy 145, Norwood, 970.327.4279


The Divide, 1610 Grand Ave (Main St.), Norwood, 970.327.0227

Maggie’s Pizza, 1615 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.0303

Kristi’s Kitchen 1560 Grand Ave, Norwood 970.729.2122 Breakfast and Lunch

Fresh Food Hub, 1560 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.0418

Clark’s Market, 1435 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.4211

Blondies, 120 W. Main, Naturita, 970.865.2222

Rimrock Bistro, 123 E. Main, Naturita, 970.865.2100

5 th Avenue Grill, 502 Main St, Nucla, 970.864.2369

Family Market, 225 W. Main, Naturita, 970.865.2652

Redd’s Mercantile, 460 Main St, Nucla, 970.864.7707

Ruth’s Toffee, 584 Main St., Nucla, 970.864.7732

Gateway General Store 42740 Hwy 141, Gateway, CO 81522  970.931.2876


Hotel Norwood, 1550 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.4631

Back Country Inn, 1160 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.4232

JAM Ranch, 750 RD 43ZS, Norwood, 970.327.4653

The Lilly Pad, 1605 Grand Ave #2, Norwood, 432.294.4134

Rimrock Hotel, 123 E. Main, Naturita, 970.865.2100

Naturita Lodge, 431 Hwy 97, Naturita, 970.865.2700

Gateway Canyons Resort, Gateway, CO 81522  970.931.2458

Paradox Valley Inn 7295 U Road, P.O. Box 372, Paradox, CO 81429  970.859.7242  email

High Country RV Park, 218 W. Main, Naturita, 970.865.2101

Cher’s Guest House, Nucla, CO – short term rental for up to 6 guests – visit Airbnb <–CO–United-States/homes> for  more details and booking information


Sam’s Service, mechanic and tire repair, Norwood, 970.327.4447

Grand Ave Auto Parts, 1645 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.4856

High Country Bicycles, 1525 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.0212

ACE Hardware, 1630 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.0117

Hi Country ATV, 1395 Grand, Norwood, 970.327.4271

Naturita Sales, 150 W. Main, Naturita, 970.865.2616

Uravan Supply Co., 31497 Hwy 141 Naturita, 970.865.2588

Nucla Co-op/ACE Hardware, 995 Main, Nucla, 970.864.7323

Kenny’s Tires, 29492 Hwy 97, Nucla, 970.864.2287

Redrock Performance & Maintenance, 1010 Main, Nucla, 970.864.7474

Nucla Co-op, 995 Main, Nucla, 970.864.7323

The Apothecary Shoppe, 480 Main, Nucla, 970.864.2100

Limited Bike Repair and Supplies, Paul Koski, 366 Main, Nucla, 970.428.2276

Tabeguache Trading Post, Nucla, 470 Main Street 970.864.7755


Local Liquor, 1565 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.4600

Norwood Liquor, 1505 Grand Ave, Norwood

Walk In Liquor, 235 W. Main, Naturita, 970.865.2548

Spirits of the Tabeguache, Nucla, 440 Main Street, 970.864.7758

Village Center Laundry, 1445 Grand Ave, Norwood, 970.327.4588

Naturita Laundry, 207 W. Main, Naturita, 970.865.2860