Being Outdoors in SW Colorado

• The weather is highly variable, be prepared for sudden shifts in wind, temperature, sunshine and precipitation. Monsoonal rains are common from late June through late August. Roads can rapidly become impassible, but with the return of the sun, may dry in just a couple of hours. Be wary of flash floods anytime thunderstorms are forecast, or seen in a general up-drainage direction.
• To minimize hiking and camping impacts, a good source of information is:
• Mountain bike ethics and riding recommendations can be found at:
• Note to Electric Bike Users: BLM and USFS policies consider E-Bikes as motorized modes of travel. Unless specifically restricted, all routes open to motorized travel are open to E-Bikes.
• Fall is when most hunters are out for big-game (deer, elk). Try to be aware of the hunting seasons, wear orange (on the dog too), and be pleasant when you encounter a hunter. Very few will get far off the road.
• Depending on the season, range cattle may be present. Give them plenty of space and don’t get between a cow and its calf.
• Archaeological and paleontological finds are the property of the land owner. Unless you have permission, leave them be.
• Some soils are fragile, such as cryptobiotics. Minimize travel over them.
• Gnats (tiny flying blood-sucking insects), particularly in pinion-juniper habitats, are common. Rainy periods tend to suppress gnats. Mosquitos and deer flies can be common around water. Bring repellent.
• Poison ivy may be present near the more perennial drainages.
• Even at the relatively lower elevations, the sunshine can be intense. Use sunblock.

Backcountry Safety

• Know your abilities and be personally responsible
• Respect wildlife, livestock and other trail users
• Allow more time than you think you will need
• Carry plenty of water and food

• Let someone know where you are going and stick to your plan
• Leave gates as you found them
• Find out about any fire restrictions
• Camp away from water sources

Note to Map Downloaders

Please read our Disclaimer prior to downloading any map files.
Thank you and happy trails!