The West End of San Miguel and Montrose Counties are rural, remote areas with limited all-weather roads, limited cell service and potentially distant law enforcement and emergency service providers. If you have an accident, mechanical breakage or become lost, it could take days for someone to find you. Land users need to pay attention to their surroundings, be self-reliant, and know map-based navigation.  Access to, and the use of, all the trails may be weather dependent.  Weather impacts could be severe. Follow and understand the weather forecasts. Water is rare and if found, rarely potable without treatment. Know the land ownership status. The vast majority of the inventoried roads, trails and cross-country routes are on Federal land or private land with easements. Federal land means usage classifications that range from multiple use (hunting, motorized travel, stock grazing, etc.,) to Wilderness Study Areas. WETA only inventories the trails or routes, there is no organized trail maintenance.  The trail information, in both map and digital form, is meant to indicate the general route of, but not necessarily the exact path of, a trail.  Discretion is advised when using the information contained within the website.  As with any data, inaccuracies may exist. Users should contact the local land agencies or local governments for updated road and access information.  WETA, along with its members, is not responsible for any accidents, damage to property, injuries, violations of the law, or deleterious events that could arise from the use of the information in these web pages.